Our mission is to help freelancers to reach out to all the potential clients there is out there by building this powerful platform for them to display all the works that they have for the public to view. What does freelancer do? Where do they work? How do they earn money? Older generations think that freelancers are casual workers, and they do not belong to a legitimate industry. Young people think that freelancers are the ones who do not need to go to work to punch cards, do not need to look at the boss's face, and do not have a standard working hours. But this is not the case. The demand for freelancers in this society has begun to grow a lot. Many large companies employ freelancers to achieve management goals with cost advantages. Not to mention, newly graduates can always look for job opportunities in the freelancer field. The gig economy is a good solution to the problem of unemployment and imbalance salary. Freelancers usually work outside the office hours, they serve different companies or employers, and do not lose their income source immediately even after being fired by one of their employer.

The only purpose of creating this platform is to protect freelancer. This is a place allow all these talented artists to present to the public. We hope the public can appreciate and enjoy the services. 123smile has a very good security system to ensure that our merchants are operating their business in a safe place. When the client decides to cancel the order, we have a comprehensive system to ensure that the merchant will receive the compensation he/she deserves. In short, merchants who register under our platform will be valued and protected as it should be.

- 123 Smile team