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  • 05-01-2019

One of a kind

Not too long ago, I accompanied my wife to attend her friend’s wedding. She wore a dress that she bought specially for this event. I didn’t prepare anything special, but I tried to dress up as correctly as possible. White formal shirt, khaki pants, brown boots. That's all I got.

Once I sat down in this beautiful dining area and thinking of where to get a glass of red wine, the staff was asking in confusion why I wasn’t taking pictures behind the flower pot near the entrance yet because the newly wed couple was about to show up any minutes.

I burst into dry laughter and told them that my cameras went to repair last week.

It is not a surprised that they did not see taking photo in that wedding. It’s because I actually shot weddings at that exact same venue 3 times this month. And 5 times last month. Then repeat backwards for at least 2 times each month.

I have to say that the wedding at Frank and Winnie’s wedding seemed familiar to me. But their wedding was absolutely one of a kind. It’s a different set of adventure the moment Winnie's father greeted me in enthusiastic warmth and explained the rundown for the day. The spontaneous cheerful laughters that periodically garnished the day were somehow felt so fresh it ignited my creative juice to stream. Or as simple as the way Frank held Winnie’s hand in a heartfelt manner, made the sunset photo session something I dearly anticipated.

You can throw me into the same venue to shoot weddings for thousands of times. But the energy between family and friends, the interaction between the crowd, their expression of happiness, and the bond within, are always the key elements that made every wedding is like no other weddings. Also, many thanks to 123 Smile allowed me to share this unbelievable memories in their platform. 


SDP photography

At the end I will share the music that they played on the wedding. I find it was totally the best tunes for that day mood.

Ohh.. I have to say this, I found this romantic movie quotes which is one of my favourite love quotes by far. It touches me so deep whenever I read it.

“I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love.” ~ The Vow